The Complete Gobi Diaries

Join us for an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at life in snow leopard research camp in a seven-part series from Tost, Mongolia. 

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a snow leopard biologist and study these cats? Then this series of articles is for you! See exclusive videos and photos of our researchers at work (and of the people and cats they work with), read stories about life in camp in the stunning Tost Mountains – and immerse yourself in snow leopard research.

The Gobi Diaries, Part I: Welcome to Tost

The Gobi Diaries, Part II: Setting Traps

The Gobi Diaries, Part III: Following in the Cats’ Footsteps

The Gobi Diaries, Part IV: Uncooperative Cats

The Gobi Diaries, Part V: Hey Again, Anu

The Gobi Diaries, Part VI: The Snow Leopard Has Saved Our Land

The Gobi Diaries, Part VII: Save the Best for Last

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  1. I’ve just read through all the segments. Absolutely fascinating and incredibly interesting to learn how dedicated the field team is, and what tireless work they do. I’ve visited Mongolia three times and it is very dear to my heart, and to know that there are many people encouraging and helping herders to live in harmony with their environment, is truly awe-inspiring.

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