Six Snow Leopards Lead Us Into 2012

As we head into the 5th year of our long-term ecological study, six snow leopards are currently wearing GPS tracking collars, including Aztai, the first cat we had ever collared.

Aztai, an older male snow leopard, was seen exploring the southeastern portion of his range just before he returned to the area that overlaps with the incredible snow leopard mother, Khashaa. Khashaa is presently travelling with two cubs in an area close to Aztai’s home range. One cub, named M9, is a young male we fitted with a collar late last year.

Lasya continues to prefer the northern-most region of her range, even though it is not a region typically inhabited by snow leopards. Recently, she did venture through a wide valley that separates two large mountain ranges, but only for a short time.

Anu, another female who is similar is age to Lasya, has been seen regularly patrolling her home range, where she continues to overlap with the male Khavar. Khavar spent 9 days within 1km of our base camp before making an uncharacteristic expedition 8km northeast of his home range where he made a sizeable kill.

After receiving a tremendous amount of support in 2011, we have big plans for this program in the new year. Stay tuned for more updates in February!

Remember that you can also symbolically adopt one of the wild snow leopards in Mongolia!

Photos Courtesy of Snow Leopard Trust/ Panthera. Anu Not Yet Pictured.

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