Mighty Together: Creating a Healthier Planet

Snow Leopard Trust's Executive Director shares his heartfelt thanks with the conservation community and SLT family for continuing to express genuine care for the planet. Together, we are mighty!

Wow! Your generosity is as amazing as your spirit and your endurance!

You are helping drive forward our collective global movement to conserve snow leopards and Asia’s high mountain ecosystems. Together, we are creating a healthier planet. It’s such a privilege to have you as part of the Snow Leopard Trust family. 

A few weeks back, I invited you to join me by doing any endurance activity—running, biking, swimming, wheeling, or any other activity of your choice of your choice—to spread awareness about the linkages between snow leopards, and human health and planetary health. More than 500 of you from 33 countries, including all the 12 snow leopard range countries, laced your sneakers and stepped out on September 12th-13th to test your endurance and raise global awareness.

Here is Sherry Young, one of the members of the Snow Leopard Trust family, testing her endurance and sharing her passion for conservation among friends and family. Thank you, Sherry!

Together, we logged an incredible, collective distance of 2,210 miles (3,557 kilometers). Not only did you log those miles, you also donated generously to raise $10,000 for snow leopard conservation. I promised to attempt to run for 24 hours. It wasn’t easy, but thinking about you—our amazing global team of supporters—kept me going when the going was tough, and helped me log 100 miles (161 kilometers) for snow leopards.

I couldn’t have completed those 24 hours without your support and encouragement!

Last weekend, we again invited you to join us remotely for “Around the Globe for Snow Leopards,” a 24-hour virtual fundraising event. This time, nine hundred of you participated! Many of you tested your endurance once again, staying with us for the entire 24 hours. To top it all, you helped surpass the fundraising goal for the event, raising over $125,000 for snow leopards

I sincerely hope that you enjoyed the virtual event. Please do write us if you have any questions or suggestions. If you purchased a ticket but were unable to join us for some reason, please know that all content was recorded and is available online—just log in at join.snowleopard.org and watch the sessions at your leisure. Meet the fascinating scientists, photographers, artists, celebrities and others and find out how they are all contributing to snow leopard conservation and a healthier planet. Join our conservationists on a virtual trek to snow leopard habitats of Mongolia, learn snow leopard yoga, teach yourself how to make a snow leopard origami, and much more. If you didn’t purchase a ticket, you can still do so at  tickets.snowleopard.org and join in the excitement. 

We hope you enjoyed each and every session during the 24-hour fundraising event. We had a wonderful time creating all of the content!

Our dedicated team of scientists and conservationists worked very hard to put this event together and bring exciting content to you. Just seeing you online made all the effort incredibly worthwhile. It was absolutely inspiring for our entire team to be able to interact with those of you who joined us. 

Your support and enthusiasm at these recent events has reminded us once again what an incredible and committed community of global citizens we are, all united by our care for snow leopards, the mountain ecosystems they represent, the local communities they share their homes with, and by our collective desire for a healthier planet. Together, we are mighty. 

Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart. We look forward to seeing you and interacting with you at future events.

Meanwhile, stay well and safe,



Thank you to all of the volunteers, contributors, sponsors, and participants who made these events so wonderful and memorable.

Run24 Event Collaborators: ICICI Foundation, Whitley Fund for Nature, Indiegene, RoundGlass Sustain, IUCN Save Our Species, Gya-Miru Youth Association, American University of Central Asia

Around the Globe Special Thanks: The Brill Family, James & Jean Kunz, Chris & Dee Fryer, Todd George, Gayle Podrabsky, Rhetick Sengupta, Cheryl King, Sherry Young, Justin Kittain, Dia Mirza, Peter Gwin, Prasenjeet Yadav, Jackie Morris, Chattanooga Zoo, Zoos Victoria, Nordens Ark, Seneca Park Zoo, and Seattle Aquarium, EnJoy Productions, Dan Morris, Michael Booth, Philippe Matteini



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