Bayad Update

Thank you to those who asked “Where is Bayad now?” I thought I would post a reply for everyone to see. As you know, Bayad’s collar fell off earlier this year, which means we are no longer tracking her using this type of technology. The only way to follow her now is, well, with more old-fashioned technology i.e. actual visual sightings and cameras. So here is the news from the field:

We didn’t have any recent information about Bayad. We last saw her roaming in the Reserve area in January this year. However, during SLIMS surveys in Chitral Gol National Park in May and November, we recorded some signs, appeared to be that of Bayad.

Furthermore, we are running 40 set of Trap Cameras in the park for the last six weeks. Once we will collect the cameras, we may see some glimpses of Bayad.

Thank you for caring about Bayad. I hope we have more information for you in the near future.


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