Around the Globe for Snow Leopards: A 24-Hour Virtual Fundraising Event

We invite you to join us for a brand-new fundraising event! From October 3rd-4th, our team is hosting a full 24 hours of snow leopard content to celebrate and protect these magnificent cats.

The Snow Leopard Trust family is a passionate global community of nearly a million supporters. The power of that passion makes our mission of science- and community-based conservation possible. On October 3rd – 4th, we want to bring this family together to build a better future for snow leopards and the local people who share their mountain homes. Over the course of 24 hours, we’ll provide compelling content devoted to all things snow leopard, featuring behind-the-scenes stories from the field, Q&A chats with wildlife experts,  never-before-seen videos, special celebrity guests, and interactive content for the whole family.

Want an idea of what to expect?

The main details…
WHEN: 10:00 PST Saturday, Oct 3 – 10:00 PST Sunday, Oct 4
WHERE: From the comfort of your own home
WHAT: A full 24 hours of snow leopard content

Purchase your ticket today – we want you to be part of this special event!

Want to know more? Please email with any questions.


    1. Thank you for purchasing a ticket to the event! Please follow the next steps to access the event platform:
      Enter your email address
      Once you are in Attendify (our event hosting site) you can watch the recorded and live snow leopard content, view our complete schedule of sessions, and engage with staff and other attendees!
      Please email if you have any further questions. Thank you!

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