An Outpouring of Generosity for Snow Leopards to End 2013!

This past holiday season, we had set out to raise $100,000 for snow leopard conservation – and a group of generous donors had agreed to match every gift we’d receive up to that amount. Thanks to our amazing supporters’ generosity, we reached our ambitious goal on December 31st, 2013!

Since we first launched this exciting challenge in November, more than 940 people gave a total of just over $100,000 to advance snow leopard conservation. Thanks to the match, that’s more than $200,000 that will benefit the cats throughout their range!

Here are just a few of the major projects you’ll be supporting in 2014:

  • Expanding our long-term snow leopard study in Mongolia so we can explore new mountain ranges
  • Initiating the first-ever large-scale research camera study in Kyrgyzstan
  • Testing new methods for deterring snow leopards from entering livestock corrals
  • Piloting the Snow Leopard Enterprises handicrafts program in India for the first time

In addition to working directly with over 50 communities in the top five snow leopard range countries, we will also support the governments of all 12 range countries to continue moving towards the ’20 by 2020′ goal of securing 20 snow leopard landscapes by 2020. These are big goals and we couldn’t reach them without you.

From all of us at the Snow Leopard Trust, thank you so much for making this possible – and have a great start into 2014!

A wild snow leopard caught on camera in Kyrgyzstan in November 2013
A wild snow leopard caught on camera in Kyrgyzstan in November 2013


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