Two Lost Collars Have Been Found!

Two GPS collars have been located recently in the South Gobi region of Mongolia thanks to field biologist Sumbee!

The first belongs to Devekh, who was collared on February 25th, 2010. His collar had malfunctioned and stopped sending out signals shortly after it was placed, making it incredibly difficult to find. However, Sumbee recovered the collar on August 20th, 2011 after a thorough investigation of the area we believed Devekh to be. The collar has been sent to the manufacturer to download the data that has been stored. This information will help us define his home range and provide insight on any interactions he may have had with other snow leopards.

Khashaa’s collar has recently recovered as well, although the drop off date of September 2nd was expected. The collar was located just 4 meters from where her last GPS uplink placed her, and we have very high hopes that Orjan, our expert field researcher, will be able to replace her collar this fall. Khashaa, previously dubbed supermom, has provided a wealth of knowledge about cub rearing and we wish all the best until we see her again.

Photos Courtesy of SLT/Panthera

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