The Broad Reach of Snow Leopard Protection

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Are you wondering how far will your support of snow leopard protection will go? When you support the Snow Leopard Trust, you are ensuring that snow leopards are protected in important areas of 5 countries where snow leopards live. Together, these five nations contain 75% of the world’s population of wild snow leopards. In each country, research, education and protection programs work in tandem to better protect these cats.

China: We are working with monks from the Gongsa Monastery, who are helping us with research and get our conservation message reach many people in the area.

India: 10 villages are participating in conservation programs—either through livestock insurance programs or by identifying grazing-free reserves. And education programs are helping change attitudes towards snow leopards.

Kyrgyzstan: Last year, staff found that 18 cats inhabit the study area in the Sarychat-Ertash Reserve, and that poaching by outside hunters is a growing threat.  Now, the Snow Leopard Enterprises handicrafts program has re-initiated work with 3 communities, and reached out to 2 more.

Mongolia: The Snow Leopard Enterprises program is working with 260 households to make handicrafts.  A pilot livestock insurance program, modeled after the program in India, has engaged 32 households to limit impacts from snow leopard’s taking wildlife.

Pakistan: The Snow Leopard Enterprises program and Livestock Vaccination programs continue to engage households in conservation. Last year, Researchers explored a new area for work, Gilgit-Baltisan, conducting surveys of over 9,000 households about threats to the cats.

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