Thank You!

Lasya's cub
A Close-Up of One of Lasya's Tiny Cubs

As work begins on our exciting 2013 plans, we here at the Trust want to take a moment to thank YOU for setting us on the right foot.  Over the last several months, we asked you to step up for the cats – helping us meet a matching challenge with your donations, and keeping the cats in mind as you planned your holiday gift-giving.

You heeded the call.  More than 1,800 people from around the world responded – giving hard-earned money to make the world safer for snow leopards, and purchasing gifts and adoption packages that directly support conservation programs in snow leopard habitat. We met our challenge – receiving a $60,000 match from generous board members to add to your generosity. 

Our country programs begin 2013 strong, and poised to do great things for snow leopards. We will expand our monitoring of snow leopard prey; raise greater awareness for conservation; and work with more communities to help people live in peace alongside the cats. We have you to thank for this work.

Happy New Year!

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