Tenger and Her Daughter Zaraa Part Ways

mother and cub for blogSince late last autumn, the Snow Leopard Trust has been following a Mother-Daughter pair through our long-term ecological study in Mongolia. Zaraa, who is a little less than two years old, has been traveling so close to her mother Tenger that their GPS location markers are often times on top of each other.

In the past week, however, is appears that Zaraa may have finally separated from her mother! For the longest duration since we met the pair, Zaraa and Tenger have been traveling in distinctly different areas. If they remain separated, this will be the first time that cub dispersal behavior will have been documented in snow leopards.

Cub dispersal behavior have never been documented before for wild snow leopards, and we have many questions about how this stage of life will unfold. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story!


  1. It will be very intersting to see how Zaraa copes with her new found independance. Especially since this is the first time such an event has been documented by researchers. A truly unique perspective.

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