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Conservation Seen Through Snow Leopard Eyes


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What conservation efforts are being made? Why does it matter? How are large conservation issues like this addressed? How is our local community involved? Find out the answers by listening to this podcast.


Sy Montgomery is a naturalist, author and radio commentator. For her latest book “Saving the Ghost of the Mountain: An Expedition Among Snow Leopards in Mongolia,” Sy spent three weeks in Mongolia’s Altai Mountains searching for signs of snow leopards.

Lisa Dabeck is director of field conservation at Woodland Park Zoo.

Dr. Kim Murray is assistant director of science for the Snow Leopard Trust. She just returned from a month in the Mongolia camp, where the largest study of collared snow leopards is underway. While she was there, she recaptured the leopard Aztai and fitted him with a new collar.

Pat Owen is a collection manager at the Woodland Park Zoo.

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