Snow leopards, meet Snow Leopard (OS)

Coming soon! Hopefully this will really boost some awareness for wild snow leopards and showcase how beautiful they are. Here are a few catch-phases we came up with, feel free to use them:

The snow leopard ran on earth long before it ran on computers

Snow leopard: In stores now, but still endangered

Snow leopard: runs great on computers, now help it run in the wild (okay, this one needs some help)


  1. Hi, have you heard anything from Apple about supporting your work or other projects that care about the snow leopard?

    I mean, they use this highly endangered animal for “promotion” and IMHO it would be a nice step of Apple helping to protect the future of snow leopards.

  2. I’ve heard there are some wildlife groups trying to get Apple to do more stuff with the actual S.L.’s in regards to there new snow leopard application lol. I don’t know- people are saying it’s good PR for Apple- they should jump on that.

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