Snow Leopard Trust Statement On the Sentencing of Conservationists in Iran

The Snow Leopard Trust has released a statement about the recent sentencing of eight Iranian conservationists.

At the Snow Leopard Trust, we are deeply concerned by the recent sentencing of eight Iranian conservationists. We are distressed at the plight of these fellow conservationists who were trying to protect nature and endangered species, and whose lives and families are in jeopardy today. With humility, we appeal to the concerned authorities to earnestly and urgently reconsider the decision of imprisonment. These people, who have dedicated their lives to conserving nature, deserve the highest levels of understanding, empathy, and kindness. The work of conservationists is more critical today than at any other time in human history. We must not allow conservation to divide people, organizations, or countries. Rather, the Snow Leopard Trust believes that the cause of nature conservation should unite humanity across borders, and across political, religious and cultural divisions.