Snow Leopard Sock Pattern Contest: We Have A Winner!

Snow Leopard Twin Rib Socks by Liz Matteson, Cherry Hill, NJ

The verdict is out! After long and difficult deliberations, our sock pattern contest jury has chosen a winner: The Snow Leopard Twin Rib Socks by Liz Matteson from Cherry Hill, NJ!

Liz learned to knit when she was 9 years old – and rediscovered her love for yarn and needles in the 1990s. She has knitted more than 70 pairs of socks since, and has no intentions to stop!

In a tight race, Jessie Driscoll (Woodstock, NY) and her Snow Leopard Trust Handspun Camel Socks came in second. You can check out her impressive knitting skills on her website.

Congratulations to the winners and a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the contest!

The proceeds from the beautiful camel yarn used for these socks directly benefit Snow Leopard Enterprises, our award-winning snow leopard conservation program! You can learn more about our cause by visiting

Download and Knit!

You can download the knitting patterns for both the winning Snow Leopard Twin Rib socks by Liz Matteson and the runner-up, the Snow Leopard Trust Camel Socks by Jessie Driscoll as PDF files – or get all of our knitting patterns in one file!

After that, all you really need to do is get your own yarn and start knitting!


The Snow Leopard Trust Handspun Camel Socks by Jessie Driscoll, Woodstock, NY


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