Snow Leopard Shonkhor Passes Away

With great sadness, we report that Shonkhor, a snow leopard we have been following since April, 2009 in our long-term ecological study, has passed away. His last GPS update in early August indicated something was wrong, and our field staff rushed to the scene. While it appears Shonkhor died of natural causes, we have sent a veterinarian to investigate further. We hope to have more information soon.

Shonkhor was a cat that you could symbolically adopt through our Snow Leopard Adoption program. We will be removing his name soon, and encourage those interested to make an adoption in memory of Shokhor to help fund the study and protection of wild snow leopards like him.


  1. Oh my…..what a sad day. Goddess carry his soul as it passes. Hopefully some of these babies that are being born lately may in some way down the line help continue the population that he has left behind

  2. I adopted Shonkhor for my little nephew so I am sorry to hear about this. How old was Shonkhor and what is the expected life expectancy of snow leopards in the wild in their own natural habitat if they are healthy and no harm comes there way in regards to poachers and other conflicts?


  3. I also adopted Shonkhor. It has really shook me up like I lost my own pet. It was funny I was in my back yard the other day sitting waiting on the bbq & a hawk flew across the yard & soared up wards. now I know why. He was a true Snow leopard & always on the go. Hopefully you guys can post what caused us to lose him. Thanks Michael.

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