Rare Photos Released from China Team

The Snow Leopard Trust China Team has just released a series of photographs taken by motion sensing cameras placed throughout snow leopard habitat in their country. The result? Incredible images depicting multiple snow leopards hunting and feeding- behavior that has only been captured a few times before. All photos are below, however a short video was made of two one-second images that can be view by clicking here.

The series of photos below depict a mother snow leopard and her two cubs feeding on an blue sheep over the span of one snowy day.

Feeding for Web

Feeding for Web5

Feeding for Web4

The snow leopard below was photographed stretching and resting while he finishes a meal.

feeding for web3

feeding for web2

The last photograph is a true testament to the artistic nature of our researchers in the field. A motion sensing camera was placed looking up a steep incline, and at the very top a snow leopard makes their appearance.

sl for web copy



  1. Wow those are so cool! Nature is amazing; animals keep surprising us with there funny ways. They always surprise us! You guys do amazing work to save these beautiful creatures and I love seeing all the efforts and successes you guys put out =) Keep up the amazing work!

    ~They’re will come a day where snow leopards run free. Not endangered and not in trouble. I plan to see this day~

  2. There just fabulous i cant belive there endangered unless you meant to keep them as your pet cat but sides the point i also im looking for the day where these species run free into the wild!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep going your doing an amazing work!!!!!!

    At least i know im not the only one who wants to change things

  3. truly amazing the photos you guys are getting!!! Our knowledge of the behavior of these cats is leaping ahead into the stratosphere through your work, keep it up!

  4. i hope you have a good videos there. The pictures are so cool to see such amazing animals like the snow leopards. I like to watch how they hunt. do they hunt alone or in groups? I wonder. Also they have snow in their backs and got a feeling they just roam around even it is cold just for a hunt. they are must be hungry that time. 🙂

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