Protecting the Snow Leopards of Asia’s Mountains

Dr. Charu Mishra, the Snow Leopard Trust’s Acting Executive Director, shares thoughts on why snow leopards are so rare in a new article published by RoundGlass Sustain.

For the Snow Leopard Trust, wildlife conservation needs to have a clear human dimension. Charu reminds us that the people who share the habitat of snow leopards and other endangered species can be a threat to these animals, but they are also our most important partners in protecting them. In the article, “Protecting the Snow Leopard of Asia’s Mountains“, published by RoundGlass Sustain, he reviews Snow Leopard Trust community conservation approaches in what he calls a “rapidly changing world for snow leopards.” He highlights how new threats such as mining, climate change and development need new and equally human centered responses.

Mining are increasingly encroaching on the snow leopard’s habitat. Photo from the South Gobi Mongolia. Photo: Prasenjeet Yadav
A herder in Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, keeps an eye on her livestock. Photo: Munmun Dhalaria

Dr. Mishra’s work is supported by the Whitley Fund for Nature.

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