Back in Action: Orjan Sets Up Base Camp

Back in the field, Orjan sends an update:

The first ten days of this field session have passed. We have been working non-stop to set up camp and scout the area. Camp is located in the same site as our old Base Camp and we are hoping to collar snow leopards in the same area as where the long-term study first started, back in 2008. The aim is to catch good old Aztai and provide him with a new collar. His current collar will run out of battery in just a few days. We have monitored him since August 2008 and really want to keep following him.

Hopefully Khavar is also still around but we do not know anything about his whereabouts since his collar dropped off in October 2010. There is a Swedish film crew in camp, shooting a documentary. Apart from that one of my old friends, Carl Fredrik is also here helping me. He is pretty good with lots of stuff, including mechanics. I bought two sets of electrically heated handles for the motorbikes and I’m hoping to persuade him to install them on the bikes. That will be nice in winter.

OK, have to get back to work.


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