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Dagina: Snow Leopard and Scientific Pioneer

She was first photographed by camera traps when she was still a cub, wore GPS tracking collars on two separate occasions and has successfully raised at least two litters of cubs: Dagina may be the world’s most comprehensibly studied wild snow leopard. At nine years old, she is still going strong, and contributing to cutting-edge science.

A Supporter’s Journey: Off to Spy a Snow Leopard

Long-time Snow Leopard Trust supporters Elizabeth Brill, Susan Anderson and Chris Sakach are embarking on the journey of a lifetime this fall: a trip to Snow Leopard Research camp in Mongolia’s South Gobi desert. Elizabeth has been kind enough to document their experiences for us. This is her first dispatch from Mongolia.

Mates or Munchies – What Drives Big Cats’ Spatial Behavior?

Most big cats are territorial, with males commonly using larger home ranges than females. But what is driving the spatial behavior of these cats? A new study published in the journal Ecosphere compares spatial data from snow leopards and pumas to better understand what is governing their territorial behavior. Two factors stand out: abundance of prey and access to potential mates. However, the way they work together is not what researchers expected.