New Snow Leopard Given a Name

On April 18th, our field researcher extraordinaire Orjan once again successfully captured a healthy snow leopard. We are excited to see where this cat’s home range is located and what size area he patrols.

The special opportunity of naming this cat – the 10th male to be part of the study – was auctioned off at our Fall Event. The winner is a board member of the Snow Leopard Trust, and he has chosen to name the cat in honor of his granddaughter Catalina, who was born late last year. The Greek origin of the name Catalina means “Pure” and this new snow leopard will be named after the Mongolian translation. We are proud to welcome “Ariun” into our study in honor of Catalina and her family.

Thanks to Orjan for his 36th safe capture of a snow leopard and to Catalina, who now has a beautiful namesake roaming the mountains of Mongolia.

Photo of Ariun Courtesy of the Snow Leopard Trust/ Panthera


  1. Congratulations!

    Wonderful name really!!For an even more beautiful cat!All the best in life,good fortune and lots of freedom and fun!

    You are all doing a wonders for this Planet!

  2. This is great news, as well as the news about your fundraising. I have adopted the Snow Leopard through the WWF and watch the live web cam. As a matter of interest, do you have any recent information or photos of the new cubs born there on the 26th April? Keep up the good work!

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