New Cubs Need New Supporters

Late spring is snow leopard cub season, as female cats retreat to well-hidden den sites to give birth! Each cub that is born in the wild is a beacon of hope for the survival of this endangered cat – but as they are faced with various threats, these cubs need our help in order to grow up safely.

a snow leopard cub encountered by our research team in Mongolia
Wild snow leopard cub encountered by our research team in Mongolia

Are you new to snow leopard conservation? Then these cubs need you! Right now an extra $10 will be donated to protect snow leopards for every NEW supporter of the Trust.  

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Wondering if you can participate?  If you haven’t made a donation or an adoption in the past five years, join us! If you’ve enjoyed your purchases, but haven’t donated for snow leopards, now is the perfect time to do more. Making a donation or adopting a snow leopard today will give snow leopards an additional $10!

This additional $10 is enough to vaccinate 8 livestock including sheep, goats, and cattle through the Livestock Vaccination Program.  In exchange for help protecting their livestock from disease, herders in the program will protect snow leopards from poaching.

Now is the perfect time to protect cubs and their families through cutting-edge research and community-based programsWe need 300 new supporters to take advantage of this opportunity.  Won’t you give today?

P.S. If you have given for snow leopards before, thank you very much! Your generosity has allowed us to establish successful conservation programs in five snow leopard range countries. It is your continuing support that enables us today to reach out to new potential donors in order and expand our programs and protect even more cats! If you can help us in this process, please make another gift today! Thank you so much!

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