Khashaa's Cub Joins Our Research Study!

We are thrilled to announce that one of Khashaa’s cubs has just been fitted with a GPS tracking collar! This young male weighed in at 30.7 kg and we believe him to be  about 1.5 years old. We are not yet sure if he is still traveling with his mother and sibling or has dispersed to live on his own, but there were markings from two other snow leopards around the collaring site that indicate he is not yet fully independent.

Khashaa was also fitted with a new GPS collar just last month and we are excited to see how these two snow leopards interact over the next year! In 2010 we had another mother and cub pair, Tenger and Zaraa, collared at the same time. Both were females, however, and the dynamic between a mother and her male cub will provide a wealth of new information.


  1. This is great news to hear. Any news on Zaraa? She is the snow leopard I adopted and whose color feel off a few months back.

    Thanks for all the work your a doing to help these amazing cats.

    Best, Angelica

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