High Altitude Theater: The Nominees

We’re bringing stunning camera trap footage from the high mountains of Asia to your living room. Vote on your favorite video from each category and join us on October 4th to see if your pick comes out on top at the High Altitude Theater Awards Ceremony.

The nominees for Best Action Performance are…

Bon Appetit | Looks like this family is about to wolf down their freshly caught dinner! 

Territorial | No leopards! Snow leopards?

The Three Musketeers | All for one and one for all! Or rather– all for one and one to pester mom.

Going on Vacation | It’s not easy being the ghost of the mountains. Even snow leopard families need a vacation from time to time. 

The nominees for Best Ensemble Performance are…

Family Time | Potty training, snow leopard style!

Follow the Lead | Come on everybody, do the copycat scratch!

Let’s Play With a Camera Trap | Not all snow leopards are brave. These two are big scaredy cats!

The Nap | This snow leopard ensemble has already won the gold medal for their synchronized cat napping, they’re confident of their chances today!

The nominees for Best Solo Performance are…

Inspector Snow Leopard | The inspector with the big tail is on the trail! 

Call me Cat, Pallas Cat | You expect me to pose? No, Mr. Cat, I expect you to pounce!

Thirsty Ghost | After the last incident, nobody wants to join this thirsty cat at the water cooler anymore…

The Dancing Bear | Scratching an itch? Don’t be fooled, this bear is just practicing for his next TikTok video.


Voting has closed. But please continue to watch and enjoy the camera trap videos! The winners will be announced during our upcoming event on October 4th.

Want to be part of the High Altitude Theater Awards Ceremony? Please purchase your ticket to our 24-hour virtual fundraising event happening October 3rd-4th. Your ticket purchase will give you access to 24 hours of snow leopard content. This includes access to the High Altitude Theater Preview show on October 3rd, where you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how our field teams set up camera traps and capture these incredible videos. You’ll also get to view the winning films at the High Altitude Theater Awards Ceremony, a production with Asian World Film Festival, on October 4th. Visit tickets.snowleopard.org and join in the fun! 

Thank you to Sherry Young for editing all of these award-worthy videos! And thanks to our partner organizations who provided footage: Snow Leopard Conservation Foundation Mongolia, Snow Leopard Foundation Kyrgyzstan, State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry in Kyrgyzstan, ShanShui Conservation Center, and Panthera. All soundtracks are courtesy of Epidemic Sound.

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