Great Books to Cuddle up With

It’s the season for cuddling up with a warm drink and a good book. Time for us to give you the heads up on two amazing book projects that we want to recommend to you.

“Snow Leopard: Stories from the Roof of the World” brings together a collection of moving first-person accounts from the central Asian mountains, following the mysterious snow leopard and revealing the inspiring lives of the incredible people involved with this magnificent cat. It’s a treasure trove of stories, including contributions from some of SLT’s field staff and snow leopard biologists.

Snow Leopard: Stories from the Roof of the World is edited by Don Hunter, who began working with snow leopards as a research ecologist with the US Department of Interior and is now the Science Director for the Rocky Mountain Cat Conservancy.

You can purchase your copy in our online shop right now.

Make a book happen – and help save snow leopards at the same time!

Another inspiring book project that we’d like to direct your attention to is Where Snow Leopard Prowls, Wild Animals of Tibet, an upcoming children’s book by Snow Leopard Trust Artist Partner Naomi Rose. The book is designed to engage children with the natural world, to delight in the amazing wildlife of the Tibetan Plateau.

Today, this beautiful book exists in the digital world only. You can help make it come to life on paper though! The author is currently collecting the necessary funds to cover printing costs via a campaign on, the online funding platform for creative projects.

There are 12 days left for “Where Snow Leopard Prowls, Wild Animals of Tibet” to become reality. By pledging your support to make this project happen, you also help save snow leopards: If Naomi Rose reaches her funding goal, she has pledged to donate 100 copies of her book to the Snow Leopard Trust to be sold in our online shop, with sales proceedings benefitting our award-winning conservation programs. is as simple as it’s safe: If you like a project on the platform, you can pledge money to make it happen. If the project’s overall funding goal is reached, you and the other backers will be charged. If the project fails to reach its funding goal, no one is charged. That way, you can be sure that your money is only spent on projects that see the light of day.

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