GPS Study: Aztai has guests in his home range

29 April 2010

Aztai (green) continues to avidly patrol the core of his home range. In the last two weeks, we were able to fit Aztai with a new collar, and it appears that he made a kill on April 24th. With so many new male recruits hovering around his territory, he seems to be very busy marking and patrolling the boundaries, perhaps ensuring that newcomers are aware of his presence and territory. Shonkhor (red) took off around the end of this week on a journey towards a cluster of small hills to the west of his home range. He has visited this area before, and we will be interested to observe whether he moves further west, heading to the Great Gobi National Park or the Three Beauties National Park, or if he simply returns to his core area. In the last fortnight, both Devekh (blue) and M8 (purple) have remained within what can conveniently be referred to as Aztai’s home range.

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