First Annual Snow Leopard Spot-tacular

This day is all about you, our wonderful supporters, and the impact you've had for snow leopards!

We often ask for your support, and report back on the progress we’re making. But today, we simply want to say thank you for your support. You are an integral part of our team! You’re making the work we do possible – and you’re making a huge difference for snow leopards!

Some of our staff members from around the snow leopard range wanted to take this opportunity to personally express their gratitude for your support! Please watch the videos below.

Team of Snow Leopard Conservation Foundation, Mongolia

Dr. Koustubh Sharma, Senior Regional Ecologist, Kyrgyzstan

Dr. Charu Mishra, Science & Conservation Director, India

Matt Fiechter, Communications Manager, Mongolia

Dr. Örjan Johansson (Field Researcher) & Dr. Gustaf Samelius (Assistant Director of Science), Mongolia

Kuban Jumabai uulu, Program Director, Kyrgyzstan


  1. fantastic……………………. absolutely fantastic……………………….. great job Snow Leopards Trust and the snow leopards are absolutely fantastic…………. gorgeous……………..alive and gorgeous !!!!!!

  2. Thank you all, in return, for taking some time from your busy days & inortant research to give us faces to go with the names we see so frequently in SLT communications. And thank you for all of the magnificent research to which you all contribute.

  3. i tried to watch these videos, but it keeps saying ” media cannot be played”. i am not computer savvy at all, can someone help?

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