Meet the Women of Uch Koshkon

Snow Leopard Enterprises is more than a conservation program – it’s the story of remarkable women taking their future into their own hands, empowering their families and communities and blazing a trail towards a sustainable future for people and wildlife. Meet some of the Snow Leopard Enterprises participants from the Kyrgyz village of Uch Koshkon.

Snow Leopard Researcher Charu Mishra nominated for 2014 Indianapolis Prize

Dr. Charudutt (Charu) Mishra, the Snow Leopard Trust’s Science and Conservation Director and a trustee of India’s Nature Conservation Foundation, is among an elite list of nominees for the 2014 Indianapolis Prize, one of the world’s most prestigious conservation awards. The nomination recognizes Charu Mishra’s outstanding contributions to endangered species conservation in the Himalayas.

Q&A: Why Etsy HQ needs to ban endangered animal products

What do we want Etsy headquarters to do? As revealed by a few simple searches on the Etsy marketplace for terms such as “pre-ban”, “real leopard”, “real ivory” or “rhino horn”, there are currently several hundred products made with parts of endangered animals listed on the site – the vast majority of them labeled as “vintage”, “pre-ban” …