Climbing Mountains to Help a Mountain Cat

More than 800 ski touring athletes gathered in five locations in Europe this weekend for “Snow Leopard Day”, a fundraising event to benefit snow leopards organized by our long-standing partner, ski touring gear maker Dynafit. Together, they raised more than $10,000 for the mountain cat by climbing some mountains themselves. Our Communications Manager joined in on the fun!

Wild Snow Leopard Prey Recovers Thanks to Reserve

18 years ago, we established our first grazing-free village reserve for wild snow leopard prey in partnership with the community of Kibber, India. Today, the area’s population of bharal, a wild sheep that’s among the snow leopard’s preferred prey species, is about four times higher than it was before the reserve was set up. Nine more of these reserves have since been started elsewhere in India. It’s been an important conservation initiative, but also an educational experience.

‘Tolerance for wildlife is similar among people of different faiths’

Researcher Saloni Bhatia has examined the role of religion on people’s attitudes toward snow leopards and wolves. She didn’t find significant differences between Muslims’ and Buddhists’ tolerance for these predators. Overall, the conservation impact of religion seems to be limited – but not insignificant.