Dr. Charu Mishra Honored with E.O. Wilson Award

In recognition of his commitment to conservation and biodiversity, Snow Leopard Trust’s Executive Director, Dr. Charu Mishra, has been presented with the E.O. Wilson Living the Mission Award by Zoo New England. Last year, Dr. E.O. Wilson was the first to receive this award from Zoo New England in acknowledgement of his tremendous impact upon …

The Ultimate Spot the Snow Leopard Challenge

Want to put your snow leopard spotting skills to the ultimate test? Help our science team test their new Snow Leopard ID Training Program and have fun practicing your own identification skills. With each question, you are giving our team a better understanding of any bugs that might be lurking in the code of this program. We hope that the program, once free from all known bugs, will help improve the reliability of our assessments of snow leopard populations.