5 Reasons Why You Should Vote for Snow Leopards

Voting for the EOCA grant is now closed. We’re expecting results soon. Thank you very much for your support!


Along with four other organizations, we’re nominated for a major conservation grant of almost $15,000 – thanks to our partner Dynafit! If we receive the grant, it will benefit the snow leopards of the Indian Himalayas. The decision is in the hands of the general public, as a public voting will determine which project is going to be funded. We’re asking for your vote. Here are 5 good reasons we hope will convince you to take action (the last is probably the best)!

  1. Your Passion for Cats
    Your vote could be the difference: 5 projects are in the race for one grant. They all deserve to be funded, and they all have passionate advocates voting for them. But only one project can win at this time. So if saving snow leopards is close to your heart, you should make your vote count!
  2. Bottom-Up Approach
    Our education and conservation projects in India (as in our other program countries) are designed and implemented by in-country experts in collaboration with the communities who share snow leopard habitat. For instance, local herders decide themselves on insurance premiums and compensation. This approach is not only cost-effective; it also empowers people to make their own decisions.
  3. Education AND conservation
    We don’t just want to stop people from hunting snow leopards; we want to turn them into conservationists. By giving children and adults the opportunity to experience nature and their relation to it in educational programs, we’re helping them discover the value of a healthy ecosystem in which every species has its place and role – and deserves to be protected.
  4. Development, not just Protection
    By working with these local communities on long-term solutions to conflicts with wildlife, we help them clear a path toward a sustainable economic development within this healthy ecosystem they share with snow leopards and other wildlife.
  5. This cub. And all other cubs like it

Vote Now!

If you have already voted and would like to do even more for snow leopards, please consider making a donation or adopting a snow leopard. Thank you!

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