Shopping to Save Cats?

When you do your shopping with the Snow Leopard Trust, you not only get unique, quality products, you also help protect snow leopards in very direct, tangible ways.

Unique handicrafts from snow leopard habitat

Many of the items in our online shop, from baby booties to embroidered napkins, feature this little cat icon:

herding communities

herding communities typically live on less than $2 a day

The icon indicates that the product was handmade by families in snow leopard habitat that participate in our conservation efforts through our program Snow Leopard Enterprises.

Most of these families depend entirely on their herds of livestock for their livelihood. As many of them live on less than $2 a day, the loss of even a single animal can create great financial hardship. The snow leopards that share the mountains and valleys these families live in are predators, and while the typically hunt wild prey species, the cats will sometimes target livestock grazing in their habitat too. To protect their animals, herders sometimes retaliate against snow leopards, threatening the survival of the cats.

community members working with Snow Leopard Enterprises

community members working with Snow Leopard Enterprises

In order to address this poverty that leads to retaliation against snow leopards, the Snow Leopard Trust has partnered with local herding communities to create Snow Leopard Enterprises. The program provides training and equipment that enables participants to make beautiful handmade items such as baby booties, animal ornaments or rugs from the raw wool of their livestock.

made in snow leopard country

We purchase the finished items at mutually agreed upon prices, and sell the items through our online store.

Read more about Snow Leopard Enterprises and the effect it has here.


Cards, Calendars and More

our 2013 snow leopard calendar

our 2013 snow leopard calendar

Not all the products in our store feature the little cat icon that indicates they were made in snow leopard habitat. Thanks to the generous support of artist partners, we can also offer items such calendars and cards, t-shirts or water bottles featuring beautiful snow leopard photos and artwork.

These popular products were not produced in snow leopard habitat – but they all help protect snow leopards as well, as all proceeds from their sale go to conservation programs in the five countries the Snow Leopard Trust is active in.

Ready to help save cats? Then go to to our online store and browse our products now!




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