Meet Dagina

Name: Dagina (Beautiful Princess)
Sex: Female
Family: Dagina is Agnes's cub


Like no other cat before her, we've been able to watch Dagina grow up from a tiny cub to a fully grown adult. We first encountered her on research camera photos in 2009. In 2010, while Orjan Johansson was collaring a male cat named Shonkor, Dagina was most likely one of the two sub-adult cubs who were with their mom, Agnes, and observed the procedure from up close.

However, in 2012, Dagina and Orjan had an even closer encounter, as our collaring expert was able to capture her and fit a collar on her as well, allowing us to track her movements across the badlands of the South Gobi. That same year, Dagina become a mom - and her cub would soon find itself in the limelight: Two members of our Mongolian team were conducting a tour of the Local Protected Area our study is taking place in for a group of government officials, explaining why this ecosystem was so crucial for the cats. When they heard a sound and turned, they were suddenly face to face with Dagina's cub! There could hardly be a better way to demonstrate the value of this landscape!

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GPS collar fitted on 2 May 2012
Gave birth to cub(s) in 2012

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