Meet Aylagch

Name: Aylagch (Traveler)
Sex: Male
Family: Aylagch is Khashaa's cub


When Aylagch dispersed from his mother, made a permanent move to the north, into the Nemegt Mountains, where he has stayed since April 2012. Watching his movements is giving us the first real insights into dispersal of a sub-adult cat outside of his natal home range (further to the south, in Gobi Saikhan Gurvan National Park).

On his way to Nemegt, Aylagch not only covered a large distance, he also crossed the flat steppe that separates his natal range from his new home. Thanks to the data from his collar, we realized that the flat areas between mountains may be crucial for the survival of the species, as the cats sometimes need to cross them in order to find a new home range - information that helped us convince the Mongolian authorities to protect parts of this steppe!

Aylagch's collar stopped working in late 2012, so we lost track of him - but in May 2013, he was photographed by one of the research cameras we had just installed in Nemegt for the first time.

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GPS collar fitted in November 2011

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