Meet Agnes

Name: Agnes
Sex: Female
Family: Agnes is Dagina's mother


In 2010, while collaring an adult male cat named Shonkor, researcher Orjan Johansson suddenly spotted a female cat with two sub-adult cubs, watching him from a close distance. From nearby research camera photos, we believe the silent spectator to have been Agnes. We don't know what her bond with Shonkor was, or why she was in the same area with her cubs.

We've since encountered Agnes several times on our research cameras; both on her own and with cubs - among them Dagina, who we've also been following in our study. Dagina had a cub of her own in 2012, officially making Agnes a snow leopard grandmother!

In April 2012, Orjan finally managed to collar Agnes for the first time. Tracking her movements, our research team was able to deduce that she had once more given birth in spring of 2013 - and this time, we managed to locate her den - with a tiny new cub in it!

You can help support Agnes and her offspring by symbolically adopting her now!

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GPS collar fitted on 4 April 2012
Gave birth to cub(s) in June 2013
Gave birth to cub(s) in June 2009

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