Foundation Partners

We are proud to partner with the following foundations:

American Endowment Foundation
Angel Foundation
Betty Lo Foundation
Black Rhinoceros Foundation
Blackie Foundation
Blue Moon Fund
Cat Life Foundation
CGMK Foundation
Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts
Conservation Research and Education Opportunities International
David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
E.B.R. Foundation
Felburn Foundation
Fredman Family Foundation Inc
H. B. Henson Fund
Hamill Family Foundation
International Foundation
Jolkona Foundation
Juniper Foundation
Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund
Keith and Mary Kay McCaw Family Foundation
Laguntza Foundation
Leslie Fund
Louise Pfister Charitable Foundation
Maine Community Foundation
Moore Family Foundation
Nacey Maggioncalda Foundation
Norcross Wildlife Foundation Inc.
Nysether Family Foundation
Overton and Katharine Dennis Fund
Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Riley & Nancy Pleas Family Foundation
Ronald & Carol Moore Family Foundation
Safari Club International Foundation
Seattle International Foundation
Snow Leopard Trust UK, Ltd
Tennant Foundation
The Diversity Foundation
The Grace Jones Richardson Trust
The Hans and Elizabeth Wolf Foundation
The Lawrence Foundation
The Melkus Family Foundation
The Seattle Foundation
The Wehling Family Foundation
The William Penn Foundation
Valerie Beth Schwartz Foundation
Voya Foundation
White Pine Fund
Whitley Fund for Nature