Business Partners

Each Snow Leopard Trust Business Partner creates a link between their company and snow leopard conservation. This connection takes many forms, such a donating a portion of profit or supporting a Snow Leopard Trust event. By working together with business owners from around the world, we are able to raise awareness and additional support for our conservation efforts.

These businesses make a world of difference to snow leopard conservation, and we are tremendously grateful for their generosity.

If you have a business and are interested in partnering with the Snow Leopard Trust, please email or call our office for more information at 206.632.2421.

In the spotlight: Whitehawk Birdwatching and Conservation

Snowleoapard image

Whitehawk Birdwatching and Conservation  is a company dedicated to leading wildlife and birding tours around the world. Their trips are designed to be fun, educational, and conservation oriented. Whitehawk works directly with local guides and a portion of their profits goes to local efforts to protect wildlife, their habitats, and the communities that surround them. Twenty-five percent of the profits from their trips to India will be donated directly  to Snow Leopard Trust.  Whitehawk recently completed a trip to Hemis National Park for their tour ”In Search of the Elusive Snow Leopard.” They saw two of these stunning cats - a mother and an almost full grown cub – as well as a host of other wildlife species including Wolf, Lammergeier, Golden Eagle, Beech Marten and Blue Sheep, among many others. Spots are available for their next trip in February 2015.



We are proud to partner with the following businesses:

Aperture Academy, LLC
Atelier Swarovski
Bare Essentials Magazine
Bath Veterinary Clinic
Bhutan Jhoenshing Travel
Big Cat Little Kitty
Designer Greek
Dynafit International
Edrington Americas
FLOAT Apparel
Fremont Brewing Company
Glassybaby LLC
Little Critterz
Lupo & Wolf
Mountain Outfitters
Mycronic AB
Natural Formulations
Ounce Cattery
Polarbear & Panda
Prancing Leopard Organics
Prometheus Design Werx
Silverstorm Bengals
Snow Leopard Vodka
SunTime Yurts
Whitehawk Birdwatching and Conservation