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Snow Leopard Trust Press Releases & Media Stories


Michael Despines is the Snow Leopard Trust’s New Executive Director

Michael Despines is an accomplished nonprofit leader with extensive professional experience in international development. As an avid conservationist and passionate photographer, he has also been dedicating himself for many years to inspire others to respect and appreciate the natural world.

SLT's new Executive Director, Michael Despines

The SLT’s new Executive Director, Michael Despines

Working with a wide range of international development and aid organizations, Michael has helped communities around the world become more sustainable. Starting immediately, he will be leading the Snow Leopard Trust’s international team of scientists, conservationists, and operations professionals in their efforts to partner with local communities in snow leopard habitat and protect the endangered cat.

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to combine my passion for wildlife conservation and my experience in the world of sustainable community development at the Trust”, Michael Despines says.

Michael holds a B.S in Electrical Engineering, a B.A. in General Arts and Science, and a Masters in International Management. He is fluent in French and English and has worked in or visited over 30 countries.

For more details on his background, see Michael Despines CV.

Protecting Landscapes, Protecting Cats

Snow leopard conservation happens in large, complex landscapes that are shared by wildlife, humans, and livestock. Protecting these landscapes requires smart, well-adapted management plans. Snow leopard range countries met in Nepal last week to exchange best practices.


Mongolia To Create New Protected Area for Snow Leopards

Press Release, April 14, 2016 – Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia / Seattle, WA

Mongolia’s Parliament declares Tost a State Protected Area. The mountain range is home to a stable, breeding population of snow leopards.


In Memory of Sumbe Tomorsukh

Our Mongolian colleague and friend Sumbe Tomorsukh would have celebrated his 28th birthday today. He was a talented researcher, and a passionate, dedicated advocate for the wildlife of his beloved Tost Mountains, in Mongolia’s South Gobi province.


An Unforgettable Day

More than 50 Snow Leopard Trust supporters came together earlier this month to fund a wildlife awareness event for school kids in Pakistan on World Wildlife Day. It brought 125 kids to Islamabad’s Natural History Museum for an unforgettable experience!