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Snow Leopard Trust media stories

Wild Snow Leopard Family From Kyrgyzstan Poses for Pics

Rare, endangered snow leopard mother and her two cubs captured by research camera in Kyrgyzstan!


The Mystery of the Missing Men

Newly published study on snow leopard population in Mongolia reveals stable numbers – and a puzzling shift in the cats’  gender ratio.


Groundbreaking Snow Leopard Study Planned In India

Starting in 2014, the Snow Leopard Trust will partner with NCF India and the Himashal Pradesh Forest Department on a groundbreaking long-term snow leopard study in the Indian Himalayas. (more…)

Snow Leopard Trust Applauds Etsy’s Decision to Ban Endangered Animal Products

Press Release — Seattle, WA, July 22, 2013

Following a petition launched by the Snow Leopard Trust and signed by more than 33,000 people, the trend-setting online marketplace steps up for wildlife and explicitly bans listings containing parts of endangered animals from their site.

The Snow Leopard Trust is happy that the trend-setting marketplace for handmade and vintage goods has adopted new policies designed to stop the trade in products made with parts of endangered animals in their marketplace. These new policies, announced today on the Etsy News Blog, meet the demands of more than 33,000 wildlife supporters who had signed an online petition launched by the Snow Leopard Trust. “We’re very glad that Etsy is stepping up for wildlife”, says Brad Rutherford, the Snow Leopard Trust’s Executive Director. “It’s great to see the company live up to their billing as a mindful and humane business.” (more…)