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Snow Leopard Trust media stories


Flooding Affects Pakistan’s Snow Leopard Habitat

Recent floods have wreaked havoc in northern Pakistan, affecting thousands of people who share the habitat of the endangered snow leopard. The floods appear to have been caused by melting glaciers and heavy rain, highlighting the emerging threat climate change poses to the survival of snow leopards in the Himalayas.


Fresh Product Ideas to Help Protect Snow Leopards

A design workshop in Kyrgyzstan brings fresh energy and ideas for Snow Leopard Enterprises, our successful handicraft-for-conservation program.


Is There Enough Wild Prey for Tost’s Cats?

Snow Leopard Trust scientists count ibex and argali in Mongolia’s Tost Mountains. Their numbers appear stable – and just sufficient for now to sustain the area’s snow leopard population. But it’s a fragile balance.


UPDATE: New Snow Leopard Equipped With GPS Collar

Good news from the base camp of our long-term snow leopard study in Mongolia’s Tost Mountains: Our team has managed to equip a new male snow leopard with a GPS collar, allowing them to track the cat’s movements in the months to come.


Anti-Poaching Program Goes National in Kyrgyzstan

Press release. Bishkek / Seattle, 3/3/2015.

Government agencies, INTERPOL, and NGOs join forces with rangers and community members to confront illegal hunting of endangered species.