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Snow Leopard Trust Updates


A Wild Snow Leopard Falls Asleep on Camera!

An adorable sleeping snow leopard cuddles up for the night! Situated right in front of our research camera, an adult cat explores the area and finally snuggles up against the chilly nighttime air.

This camera took hundreds of photographs, capturing one of the most precious moments seen in snow leopard conservation.

We have created a stop-motion film from the pictures, creating the longest video the Snow Leopard Trust has ever published! Check out this remarkable video on our YouTube page! 



Have Your First Donation Doubled!

Right now we are asking all new donors to take the next step in conservation. We have been challenged to raise $13,000 from NEW DONORS by April 30, 2012 and we need your help! If we meet this goal- four longtime supporters will match every dollar, doubling your impact on snow leopard conservation!

If you voted for us in the World Challenge or made a purchase from our store- thank you! Your support has been critical in supporting our efforts. If you take the next step and donate today, you will help us make the most of this one-of-a-kind opportunity!

But the race is on. If we don’t raise all $13,000 by the end of April, we will miss out on the match-so please make your very first gift today!

Match generously provided by the Sengupta Family, Margie Wetherald and Len Barson.

Orjan Set To Return in March!

As Sumbee heads to Ulaanbaatar, he leaves our Mongolian base camp temporarily unmanned. Our staffing plan for the country is in development for 2012, but we hope to see Orjan make his return sometime this March. This would mean the beginning of a new collaring season, where we would have the chance to meet more snow leopards living in the area!

Khavar spent most of his time in the in the middle of his home range, although his did travel west toward Aztai and then east toward Khashaa and M9 between January 10-19. Khashaa and M9 continue to travel together, and came within .6 kilometers of Aztai on January 26th. Aztai traveled back and forth between the southeast and west regions of his home range.

Anu has been hunting less than 4 meters to the north of the badlands for the past month, and Lasya has had a number of close encounters. Lasya traveled extensively, and may have met up with Anu, Aztai, and Khashaa/M9 on separate occasions.

Snow Leopard Trust Featured on BBC World News!

Thanks to your vote, the Snow Leopard Trust won the 2011 BBC World Challenge! We received $20,000 to expand our Snow Leopard Enterprises Program into Kyrgyzstan, and we are doing just that! 

Right now, Trust staff members are working hard to re-establish relationships with previous community partners and incorporate new families into the program!

Last August, BBC film makers visited our partner communities in Mongolia to document Snow Leopard Enterprises firsthand. Check out the short film they created featuring our Executive Director, Brad Rutherford, and Country Director, Agvaantseren Bayarjargal!

Valentine’s Gifts and a Leaping Leap Year!

Valentine’s Day is February 14th, and snow leopard adoptions make the purr-fect gift! Cub adoptions are on sale now for 20% off and all adoptions come with a FREE CALENDAR throughout the month of February!

Send your mother, brother, neice or nephew any of our snow leopard adoption packages, and we will include an adorable plush toy wearing a Valentine’s bow-tie and a special gift message directly from you!

In honor of the 2012 leap year, we have also put our Leaping Leopard Tee-Shirt on Sale for 20% off! There will be no better shirt to wear on February 29th than this classic white tee. Celebrate that extra day in February in style!