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Snow Leopard Trust Updates


Snow Leopard Presence Confirmed in Western Sichuan

A team of researchers from our Chinese partner organization, Shan Shui, found signs of snow leopard presence in Sichuan’s Ganzi Prefecture, an area that had last been surveyed 8 years ago. However, densities appear to be lower than elsewhere in China.


A Great End to 2014 Fuels Plans for 2015

2015 has been dubbed the “Year of the Snow Leopard” by the 12 range countries. For the Snow Leopard Trust, it will be a year full of exciting challenges – and thanks to your outstanding support in 2014, we’re hitting the ground rolling!


A Year in a Snow Leopard’s Life

As the snow leopards’ winter mating season nears its end and cubs are on the horizon, we invite you to follow a snow leopard through a typical year. (more…)

Vaccination Program Cuts Livestock Mortality in Half

An independent review has confirmed the effectiveness of our Livestock Vaccination Program in Pakistan. Livestock mortality rates have been lowered, community well-being has improved and attitudes towards snow leopards are getting more positive. (more…)

Q&A: Why Etsy HQ needs to ban endangered animal products

What do we want Etsy headquarters to do?

As revealed by a few simple searches on the Etsy marketplace for terms such as “pre-ban”, “real leopard”, “real ivory” or “rhino horn”, there are currently several hundred products made with parts of endangered animals listed on the site - the vast majority of them labeled as “vintage”, “pre-ban” or antique.

We’re asking Etsy headquarters to follow the example set by online marketplaces such as Ebay or Amazon and adopt a policy that explicitly prohibits the listing and sale of any product made with parts of endangered animals.

More than 4500 people have signed our petition to Etsy HQ to date. (more…)