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Guess what? Nobody knows how many snow leopards there are

Earlier this month, various media outlets reported that snow leopards ‘may be more common than thought’. The articles were quoting a recently published book (1) on these endangered cats, in which a group of authors make the claim that the snow leopard population could be much higher than prevailing estimates suggest. We wish this were the case. Unfortunately, there is no reliable scientific evidence for this claim, and it is misleading and potentially damaging to conservation efforts.


Amazing Wild Snow Leopard Photos

With remote-sensor research cameras, our field teams are surveying snow leopard populations in key habitats in five of the cat’s range countries. While these cameras are very much a research tool, they also provide us with breathtaking images of the elusive snow leopard. We’re happy to share some of the very best pics from the last year or so!


Elusive Snow Leopard Caught On Camera In Northern Pakistan

Pakistani researchers take rare photos of the endangered snow leopard on the icy Hisper glacier in Central Karakoram National Park.


Mongolia To Create New Protected Area for Snow Leopards

Press Release, April 14, 2016 – Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia / Seattle, WA

Mongolia’s Parliament declares Tost a State Protected Area. The mountain range is home to a stable, breeding population of snow leopards.


In Memory of Sumbe Tomorsukh

Our Mongolian colleague and friend Sumbe Tomorsukh would have celebrated his 28th birthday today. He was a talented researcher, and a passionate, dedicated advocate for the wildlife of his beloved Tost Mountains, in Mongolia’s South Gobi province.