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Healthy Dogs, Healthy Cats

Free-ranging dogs kill more livestock in India’s Spiti region than snow leopards and wolves. Now, conservationists and local communities are teaming up to contain the canines and protect local wildlife and livelihoods.


Snow Leopard Enterprises Expands Into India

The handicraft-for-conservation program Snow Leopard Enterprises (SLE) has been a success in Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, and Pakistan, generating a total of close to $1 million in sales to date. And still, there is room for growth.


Why It Matters What Your Neighbors Think

The future of the snow leopard depends in no small part on how the people who share the cat’s habitat view the predator in their midst. A new study by Snow Leopard Trust researchers reveals previously hidden, collective factors that shape these views.


The Mystery of the Missing Men

Newly published study on snow leopard population in Mongolia reveals stable numbers – and a puzzling shift in the cats’  gender ratio.


Summer Success in India — Thank you!

We asked and you responded!

Throughout the spring, we asked you to help fund important projects in India. We are thrilled to report that over 426 people made donations or adoptions –sending over $35,000 for projects this summer!

This means that the team in India can move forward with their ambitious plans to send over 300 kids to nature camp, build stronger corrals for over 30 families, and conduct vital research on the snow leopards.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

a snow leopard roaming India's Himalayas