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Stephen Sparrow: On a Mission to Help (Save Snow Leopards)

Snow Leopard Vodka founder Stephen Sparrow is the kind of guy who can inspire others even through an email. His contagious passion and energy leap up from his lines. It’s almost as if you were sitting with him in a bar, sipping on a drink – a Snow Leopard Vodka Conservation Martini perhaps – and hearing him personally tell the story of how he came face to face with a wild snow leopard.


Cats Caught on Cam: The Chase

Thanks to the generous support of many of you, we’ve been able to purchase urgently needed research cameras and have begun monitoring the snow leopards of Kyrgyzstan’s Sarychat area systematically last year. (more…)

Save Snow Leopards… Sip for Sip

The liquor store may appear to be an unlikely place for you to make a difference for snow leopards. Now, that is about to change – thanks to Snow Leopard Vodka.


Get Social with Snow Leopards!

Find your favorite cats in your favorite social media channel! Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, we have amazing snow leopard photos and conservation news for you to like, share, retweet and embed – so please join our community!


Devekh Is Off the Air

We have lost contact with the GPS collar worn by Devekh, the male snow leopard we had been tracking in Mongolia’s South Gobi – most likely due to the collar’s battery running out of steam. For the first time in several years, we’re therefore not currently tracking any cats.