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First Pallas’ Cat Photos Taken in Kyrgyzstan

The Snow Leopard Trust’s current research camera study of snow leopards in Kyrgyzstan has yielded a pleasant surprise: The first ever pictures of wild Pallas’ cats in Kyrgyzstan! (more…)

Keeping Cats Out May Keep Them Safe

Working with herders, our team in Mongolia is studying how to best prevent predators like the snow leopard from attacking livestock – a key to a peaceful coexistence of cats and local communities. The first fences have already been built.


Mourning Peter Matthiessen

The Snow Leopard Trust is deeply saddened about the passing of Peter Matthiessen.  (more…)

More Fabulous Pics from Kyrgyzstan

Remote-sensor cameras have become a invaluable research tool to monitor wildlife populations. They’re also offering us more and more glimpses into the lives of the elusive snow leopard; bringing the mysterious cat out of the shadows. (more…)

Find Out How a 5-year-old Is Saving Cats

Have you heard people claim that “no one was too small to make a difference” too many times to still believe it? Allow us to introduce you to Liam, the five-year-old boy who’ll rekindle your faith in the power of each of us!