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Building Better Corrals in Ladakh

Villagers from small herding communities in Ladakh are teaming up with Snow Leopard Trust field staff to improve the corrals where they keep their livestock and reduce conflicts with snow leopards and other predators.


Indian Snow Leopard Ally is Disney Conservation Hero

Press release

Devender Singh Chauhan Receives Prestigious Award from Disney Conservation Fund

Seattle WA / Kaza, Himachal Pradesh, India, November 12, 2014 – The Snow Leopard Trust and Nature Conservation Foundation India are thrilled to announce that Devender Singh Chauhan, Range Forest Officer in the Spiti region of Himachal Pradesh state, India, has been honored with a Disney Conservation Hero Award from the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund (DWCF). The award recognizes local citizens for their tireless efforts to save wildlife, protect habitats and educate communities.


Ryan’s Run: Going to the Limit for Snow Leopards

We’re a dedicated bunch here at the Snow Leopard Trust. Our field researchers regularly brace blizzards, treacherous horse back rides and weeks of dried mutton in order to find out more about this elusive cat. Those of us working from the comforts of our Seattle office bravely make it through the city’s famous drizzle on our daily commute. But none of us has anything on Ryan Hill when it comes to going the extra mile for the cats! Or, in his case, the extra 250 kilometers. Through the ice-cold desert of Antarctica.


It’s Time for Your Checkup, Cats!

Snow leopards can’t go to the vet to get a health check, so we’re taking the vet to them, checking the cats (and their prey) for diseases!


Snow Leopard Catches Marmot (Photos & Video)

One of our research cameras in Kyrgyzstan has captured amazing photos of a snow leopard carrying a freshly killed marmot. See the pictures and video below!