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Whitley Award for SLT Pakistan Director, Ali Nawaz

Dr Muhammad Ali Nawaz, who leads the Snow Leopard Trust’s Pakistan program and holds a faculty position at the renowned Quaid-i-Azam University in Islamabad, has been awarded the prize for his efforts to protect the endangered snow leopard in the mountains of northern Pakistan.

London, UK / Seattle, WA: HRH The Princess Royal presented a Whitley Award, a prestigious international nature conservation prize worth £35,000 in project funding, to Muhammad Ali Nawaz (Ali) at a ceremony at the Royal Geographical Society, London yesterday, in honor of his work securing important landscapes for the protection of snow leopards in Pakistan.


Snow Leopard Vodka – Making a Difference for 10 Years

Snow Leopard Vodka, the iconic premium spirit with a mission to save its namesake cat, is celebrating its 10th anniversary today! By donating 15% of its profits to snow leopard conservation, the spirits brand has raised a total of $270,000 for the benefit of this endangered feline! Thank you to Stephen Sparrow, Snow Leopard Trust UK, Edrington, and the many affiliated businesses and aficionados who drink and promote Snow Leopard Vodka, and thereby improve the lives of snow leopards and local communities.


International Collaboration to Save the Pallas’s cat

Press release, Nordens Ark, Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, Snow  Leopard Trust

The Pallas’s cat is a small cat species that lives in the mountains and grasslands of Central Asia, from Iran to China and Mongolia. It’s one of the least studied cats in the world and is currently listed as Near Threatened with a decreasing population by the IUCN red list of endangered species. A large international collaboration has now been initiated in order to make progress with the conservation of the species.


Mending Corrals and Building Relationships

When snow leopards and other predators manage to enter herder’s corrals, the results can be devastating – but with teamwork, building supplies, and a couple of days’ time, the problem can be fixed, and conflicts avoided.


Celebrating Women in Conservation

Women have shaped snow leopard conservation in various ways. Today, we celebrate their achievements!