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Lila Lapanja, Snow Leopard Ambassador on the Slopes

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with up and coming US Ski Team racer Lila Lapanja! Lila will serve as an ambassador for the endangered snow leopard and the conservation work we’re doing to save it in this upcoming season and beyond!


giveBIG for Snow Leopards


giveBIG 2015 is over – and what a day it was for snow leopards!

It all began with a challenge:

The Seattle Foundation had pledged to match the first $5,000 in giveBIG donations if we managed to raise that much in one day. In less than 7 hours, you helped us meet this challenge and land this amazing gift for these endangered cats!

Around noon, we reached another milestone: $10,000!

Shortly after that, the Seattle Foundation informed us that we had also won a “Platinum Global Ticket”, randomly awarded to a handful of organizations participating in the giveBIG event, worth another $5,000!

Building on this momentum, we managed to raise another $8,000 to help protect the “Ghost of the Mountain” before the day was over!

With donations, the match and the Platinum Global Ticket, our total tally for the day is $28.135!


Video Footage of Rare, Elusive Snow Leopards

Check out exciting new footage from our snow leopard study area in Mongolia’s South Gobi district.


UPDATE: New Snow Leopard Equipped With GPS Collar

Good news from the base camp of our long-term snow leopard study in Mongolia’s Tost Mountains: Our team has managed to equip a new male snow leopard with a GPS collar, allowing them to track the cat’s movements in the months to come.


Snow Leopard Presence Confirmed in Western Sichuan

A team of researchers from our Chinese partner organization, Shan Shui, found signs of snow leopard presence in Sichuan’s Ganzi Prefecture, an area that had last been surveyed 8 years ago. However, densities appear to be lower than elsewhere in China.