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How Will Wildlife Cope With Human Development?

Snow Leopard Trust scientists study how wildlife in India’s Spiti Valley responds to the growth of human development in the area.


More than $11,000 raised to help flood victims in Pakistan!

In just 2 weeks, Snow Leopard Trust supporters have raised $11,830 for our partner communities in Pakistan that were devastated by recent floods! The money will be used to restore drinking water supplies in several villages in Chitral and Gilgit Baltistan and to repair damaged homes.


Joint strategy to combat Illegal Wildlife Trade in Central Asia

Press Release, Bishkek, 9/30/15

Central Asian countries hold technical workshop and agree to join forces in the fight against illegal wildlife trade in the region.


Help Restore Drinking Water to Pakistan’s Snow Leopard Conservation Communities

2-year-old Muhammad Afhan has seen more suffering in his short time on Earth than anyone should witness in a lifetime. His village, Mori, in Pakistan’s Chitral district, was hit by devastating floods this summer. Houses were buried under thick layers of mud, drinking water pipes were destroyed and swept away. You can help him and his community get back on their feet!


Snow Leopard Trust Scientist Nominated for Indianapolis Prize

For the second time in his distinguished career, Dr. Charudutt (Charu) Mishra, the Snow Leopard Trust’s Science and Conservation Director and a trustee of India’s Nature Conservation Foundation, is among the nominees for the Indianapolis Prize, one of the world’s most prestigious conservation awards. The nomination recognizes Charu Mishra’s outstanding contributions to snow leopard science, community conservation, and global cooperation towards protection of Asia’s great mountains.