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Joint strategy to combat Illegal Wildlife Trade in Central Asia

Press Release, Bishkek, 9/30/15

Central Asian countries hold technical workshop and agree to join forces in the fight against illegal wildlife trade in the region.


Fresh Product Ideas to Help Protect Snow Leopards

A design workshop in Kyrgyzstan brings fresh energy and ideas for Snow Leopard Enterprises, our successful handicraft-for-conservation program.


No Cats or Prey Were Hunted in Kyrgyz Partner Communities in 2014

Kyrgyz team makes adventurous trip into the mountains to reward local communities for their role in keeping endangered snow leopards and prey species safe.


High-level meeting of 12 snow leopard range countries

Press release by the Global Snow Leopard and Ecosystems Protection Program (GSLEP) – Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Only joint efforts can save endangered animals such as the snow leopard from extinction in the wild


Kyrgyz parliament blocks potentially damaging law

Snow Leopard Trust staff are working with partners and the Kyrgyz parliament against a proposed law that would weaken protections for nature reserves in the country.