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“Your Snow Leopards are Killing our Goats”

 “Since you started working here, we’ve lost more livestock than ever. There are too many snow leopards. We don’t need livestock vaccination, we just need you and the cats to go away!”


UK Environment Minister Announces Round Two of the Illegal Wildlife Trade Fund

The illegal trade in animal products is putting some of our most iconic species like snow leopards, elephants, rhinos and tigers in severe danger. The UK Government has launched Round Two of its Challenge Fund to support new initiatives to end wildlife crime.


Kyrgyzstan: Welcome, Salavat!

Meet the newest member of our small, but dedicated Kyrgyz team – Salavat Baktybek kyzy.


Cats Caught on Cam: The Chase

Thanks to the generous support of many of you, we’ve been able to purchase urgently needed research cameras and have begun monitoring the snow leopards of Kyrgyzstan’s Sarychat area systematically last year. (more…)

Anti-Poaching Program Goes National in Kyrgyzstan

Press release. Bishkek / Seattle, 3/3/2015.

Government agencies, INTERPOL, and NGOs join forces with rangers and community members to confront illegal hunting of endangered species.