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Healthy Dogs, Healthy Cats

Free-ranging dogs kill more livestock in India’s Spiti region than snow leopards and wolves. Now, conservationists and local communities are teaming up to contain the canines and protect local wildlife and livelihoods.


Why It Matters What Your Neighbors Think

The future of the snow leopard depends in no small part on how the people who share the cat’s habitat view the predator in their midst. A new study by Snow Leopard Trust researchers reveals previously hidden, collective factors that shape these views.


Summer Snow Leopard Frenzy in India

The summer field season is a time when our India field team sheds their sub-zero coats, and busily makes the most of the warm weather.  Here’s a quick look at what they have planned for the short, but intense summer season!


Stunning Wild Snow Leopard Pics from India

This beautiful wild snow leopard’s path led it past one of the research cameras our Indian team had deployed in the rugged mountains of Spiti, Himachal Pradesh.


IMG_0006 IMG_0007 IMG_0008 IMG_0009 IMG_0010 wild_body_color IMG_0011 IMG_0012 IMG_0013 IMG_0014 IMG_0015 IMG_0016 IMG_0017 IMG_0018 IMG_0019 IMG_0020 IMG_0021 IMG_0022 IMG_0023

photos by NCF India/Snow Leopard Trust/Himachal Pradesh Forest Department.

These endangered cats have become increasingly rare in the last decades. Their famously elusive nature makes snow leopards hard to find – so these stunning pictures are a precious rarity!

You can help protect this majestic cat and its relatives by making a donation to support our snow leopard conservation programs in five Asian countries.

We can share these photos with you thanks thanks to the dedication and great work of an outstanding field team recruited from local communities! Thank you, Tanzin Thinley, Kalzang Gurmet, Chunit Kesang, Rinchen Tobge, Tandup Chhering, Tanzin Thuktan, Gelson Tanpa, Lobzang Namgial, Nawang Rinchen, Sonam Chhering, Lobzang Chhering, Paldan Rabge, Palzor Chhering and Sonam Choda!

Would You Like Some Conservation With Your Fries?

by Siri Okamoto, Development Director, Snow Leopard Trust

Disney Worldwide Conservation FundIn 2011, I visited Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL (USA). I was in line for french fries in 90-degree weather along with a pressing throng of local and international tourists. They were all melting and trying to get through line as quickly as possible with screaming children. Not exactly a place that makes you think of snow leopards. But as every person approached the cashier, an intrepid Disney cast member asked them if they would like to donate to conservation. Over 375 degree deep fryers, amidst the sweat, tears and salt, they championed snow leopards and other wildlife! It was really impressive. I gave too.

What can we show for their efforts? Quite a lot! The Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund (where all those cash register donations end up) is supporting extensive snow leopard work in India. Thanks to their efforts, we have been able to establish the first snow leopard population baselines for a very important region in the Himalayas called Upper Spiti Valley. We set out cameras in 2011 and 2012, and our data show that between 15-25 cats use the region. Disney support is also helping raise awareness for snow leopard conservation, and engage local villagers in efforts to protect the cats. Our India team is currently working with children in local schools to put on a skit that will help spread awareness about the importance of snow leopards and their ecosystem.

snow leopard in Mongolia

Lasya, a cat we’ve been tracking in Mongolia

And the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund has just awarded an additional one-year grant for snow leopard work in Mongolia! We will use this year’s support to help address critical threats to snow leopards by working with 26 herder communities in snow leopard habitat. This support will also make it possible for communities to better monitor threats to snow leopard populations, including training ‘community rangers.’

So thank you to all Disney cast members for their hard work, day in and day out! The next time you visit Disney World and are in line for fries, they’ll make sure you think of wildlife around the world – so we’d suggest you tip, and give, generously!