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Snow Leopard Presence Confirmed in Western Sichuan

A team of researchers from our Chinese partner organization, Shan Shui, found signs of snow leopard presence in Sichuan’s Ganzi Prefecture, an area that had last been surveyed 8 years ago. However, densities appear to be lower than elsewhere in China.


The Value of Trust

Working with communities to conserve wildlife is as impactful as it is rewarding. Gaining people’s trust is no easy task though, as our China researcher Xiao Lingyun writes. (more…)

Face to Face with Snow Leopards: A Close Encounter in China

A research team from our Chinese partner organization, Shan Shui, was taking a break from exhausting field work in the mountainous Sanjiangyuan region, when Edward, a young Chinese-American volunteer, dropped his binoculars. He climbed back down the steep slope they had just come up to recover them – only to suddenly find himself face to face with a snow leopard family. Xiao Lingyun, a PhD student who led the expedition, recalls their close encounter with the cats in the cave. , including a photo