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Snow Leopard Enterprises Makes Raw Wool Valuable

It was in the thick of winter when Samat and his wife Shirin first started washing the coarse, rather dirty wool of their dozen or so sheep in front of their modest house in Ak-Shiyrak village, a community high up in the Kyrgyz Tian-Shan mountains. In the freezing cold, the pair were outside, elbow-deep in buckets of water, scrubbing and cleaning piles of wool. Until then, most people in Ak-Shiyrak had never bothered to wash and process their wool – there was simply no market for it. “Our neighbor saw us wash the wool, and called us fools”, Samat recalls. “He thought there was no point in doing this work, let alone in the cold.”


“My dream is to conserve all the living things on earth”

40 local school kids had an unforgettable nature experience this past month in the heart of the newly designated Tost Nature Reserve in Mongolia. They spent 5 days each in an outdoor eco-camp, where they playfully learned about the plants and animals around them.


Elusive Snow Leopard Caught On Camera In Northern Pakistan

Pakistani researchers take rare photos of the endangered snow leopard on the icy Hisper glacier in Central Karakoram National Park.


Adopt Tost & Help Keep Cats Safe

Mongolia’s Tost Mountains have recently been declared a State Nature Reserve, thanks to a remarkable effort by the local community. Now, it’s up to us all to help ensure that the area’s rich wildlife – including a stable snow leopard population, can thrive in this prime habitat.


Mongolia To Create New Protected Area for Snow Leopards

Press Release, April 14, 2016 – Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia / Seattle, WA

Mongolia’s Parliament declares Tost a State Protected Area. The mountain range is home to a stable, breeding population of snow leopards.