Staff & Board

The Snow Leopard Trust has partners and staff members in China, India, the Kyrgyz Republic, Mongolia, and Pakistan as well as in the United States (in Seattle, where our headquarters are located) and Sweden. These dedicated scientists and conservation experts work closely with local communities in snow leopard regions to develop conservation programs that protect snow leopards and their habitat while improving the lives of local people near those habitats.

International Team
Science and Conservation Director: Charudutt Mishra
Assistant Director of Science: Gustaf Samelius
Assistant Director of Conservation: Jennifer Snell Rullman
Senior Advisor: Suri Venkatachalam
Senior Regional Ecologist: Koustubh Sharma
Regional Ecologist: Justine Alexander
PhD Student/ Field Biologist: Örjan Johansson
Executive Assistant: Rakhee Karumbaya

Partner Organization – Snow Leopard Conservation Foundation
Country Program Director: Bayarjargal Agvaantseren
Research and Monitoring Manager: Purevjav Lkhagvajav
Conservation and Education Manager: Tserennadmid Mijiddorj
Conservation Awareness Raising Officer: Erdenechimeg Baasandamba
SLE North Coordinator: Unurzul Dashzeveg
SLE South Coordinator: Enkhtushin Gongor
SLE Assistant: Dolgormaa Davaa
Driver: Byambajav Tsevegmid
Camp Manager and Research Assistant: Lkhagvasumberel Tomorsukh
Administrative Assistant: Narangerel Jargalsaikhan
Camp Driver: Mijid Avir
Camp Guard: Oyungerel Baatar

Program Leader: Kubanych Zhumabai uulu
SLE Country Coordinator: Cholpon Abasova


Country Program Office:
Country Program Director: Muhammad Ali Nawaz
Office Manager: Noor ul Ain
Communications Coordinator: Kashif Syed
GIS Expert: Doost Ali
Accounts Officer: Shahid Tanveer
Driver: Ubaid ur Rehman

Field Program Offices: (Gilgit & Chitral)
Assistant Director/ Head – Gilgit Office: Jaffar ud Din
Sr. Conservation Associate / In-Charge – Chitral Office: Khurshid Ali Shah
Conservation Officers: Muhammad Wali Khan, Muhammad Ayub
Conservation Associate: Muhammad Yunus
Enterprise Development Officer: Yasmeen Cheema
Enterprise Development Assistant: Nazia Hasan
Field Assistant: Siraj Khan
Drivers: Sher Khan, Wakil Jan

Country Program Director: Kulbhushansingh Suryawanshi
Senior Scientist: Yash Veer Bhatnagar
Director of Conservation and Education: Pranav Trivedi
Associate – Policy and Research: Ajay Bijoor
Project Associate: Radhika Timbadia
Field Coordinator (Spiti): Tanzin Thinley
Field Coordinator (Spiti): Kalzang Gurmet
Field Coordinator (Ladakh): Karma Sonam
Program Coordinator (Ladakh): Stanzin Namgail
Field Assistant (Ladakh): Rigzen Dorje
Research Scholars, NCF: Abhishek Ghoshal, Saloni Bhatia and Ranjini Murali

Partner Organization – Shan Shui Conservation Center
Director, Shan Shui Conservation Center: Lu Zhi
Project Director, Shan Shui Conservation Center: Liu Yanlin
Research Scholar, Peking University: Li Juan

United States
Executive Director: Michael Despines
Development Director: Siri Okamoto
Technology Director: Jeff Brown
Director of Zoo Programs: Marissa Niranjan
Manager of Sales and Marketing: Gina Cantara
Office Manager: Arnica Luther
Communications Manager: Matthias Fiechter
Donor Relations Manager: Breanna Binder
Development Associate: Deborah Turnbull
Program Specialist: Kimberly Ward
Program Associate: Chris Czarnecki
UX Designer: Amber Alter

Board of Directors
President: Rhetick Sengupta
Vice-President: Andrea Gates Sanford
Vice-President: Gayle Podrabsky
Secretary/Treasurer: Brad Rutherford
Lisa Dabek, PhD
Betsy Dennis
Patricia Devereux
Harry Freeman, PhD
Jed Gorden, MD
James Platts
Gary Podrabsky
Elizabeth Singleton